3 commentaires sur “Toward a new order in Western Sahara negotiations

  1. I followed bis articles on the question of Western Sahara (four articles) and I finally understood why decolonization. in the Sahara is unfinished for the sole reason the French position which is against freedom and democracy for the Saharawi people. I hope that these articles will be read by French policy makers to encourage his ally the Kingdom of Morocco to respect international legality for the benefit of the Maghreb and for the protection of Europe from the scourges of immigration and terrorism that feed on wars


  2. Thanks, for sharing this right and nice analysis.
    as professor of international relations and from UK , i follow this question since many years i find this analysis of great importance to be re- read by Horst Kohler to understand the deep of western sahara question far from propaganda in some european magazines and reviews as many French reviews . UK has held refeendum for Scotish people in democretic choice to choose the way if they want UK or to be independant. why France dont push morocco to do the same?


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